A Weekend Poem

A Weekend Poem


(You were there)


“making love with you”



Sitting cradled

Snug against a suburban shoreline.

Broad warmth of chest –

Heart throb against my back.


We watch, that place,

A space where river and ocean meet.

Never-ending, swaying swirl

Of opposing tides,

Mingled together,

Mouths open wide.


A teasing gull,

Youthful and merciless in her hovering intent,

Pulls onward and inward

The unbridled desire of a three-legged dog.

Tantalizing, just out of reach

Seagull and dog

Play on the beach.


Yesterday’s debris afloat and far from alone,

A plastic bottle in turbulent foam.

Shallow shadows of careless intent

Drift – dancing amidst divine lament.


Squeals of delight as oceanriver reaches high,

Claiming dry clothes,

And receding with a deep, long sigh.

Forcing retreat,

The cradle undone.


Back in motion,

World and ocean

Explode in orgasmic delight….

Walking and talking

Hands all aglow

With caresses and memories

Still holding last night’s flow.


Beautiful feet

Private prints in the sand.

Surrender myself

To this lover’s hand!




By Jackeline Plank


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