Walking the Plank

Loving Ancestry
(a poem NOW about THEN and HERE)

There is a nexus point
Deeply within, invisibly wihtout
That sometimes I become aware of.
It's the sweetest place
It's the moment I feel and recognize
The best of my other, as she melds and melts
With the best of my father
It's a tiny space - infinitely large, utterly present
Where the Divinity in them
And creates this momentary ME.
This moment of awareness
When he, she and I become One
And that One is in me
and in me and in me and in me...

(jackie plank 24.07.2012)

Endangered species

The title of this short story arose out of a hiking conversation with Natural Movement Coach, Rika Geyser, who posed the distinct and unnerving possibility that at present, we as humans may well be the most endangered species on the planet! It has taken me a while to appreciate this profound thought. The inspiration for this story comes from her.